Citrix Ready Technical Webinar
with Bitdefender
2017 is not over yet, but we've already seen some of the highest profile attacks and data breaches to date. While some implied months of planning and elaborated custom-built threats, others slipped through and could have easily been avoided using basic security hygiene.
This webinar will give you an overview and explain how some of this year's most well-known attacks took place - Equifax breach, Democratic Party breach, as well as several ransomware outbreaks - and also explain how you can better defend your business against these threats.
In 30 min or less, you will gain useful security tips on how to protect your business in case the next attack occurs, and how to make it difficult for hackers to compromise the security posture of your organization.
For fighting sophisticate attacks, learn about today's cutting-edge technologies that can reveal hidden threats inside your infrastructure, helping you stay one-step ahead of threat actors.
Also, find out how Hypervisor Introspection, developed by Bitdefender and available only with Citrix, can root out deep threats and put your infrastructure control back in your hands.
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